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Pink Bubbles


In the gripping tale of two lives, seemingly worlds apart, converge in a collision course bound by their unwavering determination and a shared desire to secure their family's future.

Meet Joseph Dillward, a young college student of color whose dreams extend far beyond his personal aspirations. Driven by the hope of earning a college degree and lifting his family from the shadows of adversity, Joseph is a beacon of ambition and resilience.

On the other side of this riveting narrative stands Phillip Goldwarter, an elderly white male firmly rooted in his traditional Southern values. For Phillip, preserving the legacy of his family name is not merely a wish, but an unshakable conviction. With a heart brimming with devotion, he is determined to ensure that his lineage endures into the future.

Ebook Cover Joseph.jpg
Ebook Cover Joseph.jpg


Joseph Dillward is a young college student of color with the desire to earn a college degree and help his family. Phillip Goldwarter is an elderly white male with traditional southern values with the desire to ensure his family name exist into the future. Joseph and Phillip determination to do the right thing and win has forced each other on a head on collision course, that will only end when one is dead.



Abundant Truth Baptist Church located in Jacksonville, Florida meticulously searched the corners of the United States for the perfect pastor. In return they got a force to be reckoned with - The First Lady, The congregation love and fear her. 


The name Ahithophel means "brother of foolishness.” And only a fool would try to kill Israel greatest king - King David. A king after God's heart.

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After POTUS #45 departed the Oval Office for the second time, the country is on the brick of war with  North Korea, Russia, China and many other countries and to make matters worst, Americans elected it first female President that all members of Congress hates. And the world thinks her words and actions are just a bluff.


Author’s Bio

Dan was born and raised in Savannah Georgia. His father is Arthur Peter Dilbert and his mother is Daisy Mae Dilbert. He attended and graduated from: Windsor Forest High School; University of Arizona; University of Connecticut; and Sacred Heart University. Dan served twenty years in the U.S. Navy in the submarine community and currently works for the Federal Government and lives in the Northern Virginia region.

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