Dan Dilbert

Dan Dilbert, author of ‘Ethos was born September 1965.


Dan is the six child born out of twelve to Arthur and Daisy Dilbert who resided in Savannah Georgia. In Savannah, he attended public schools and graduated from Windsor Forest High School class of 1983. His father was employed as a longshoreman and his mother a house wife, until his parents’ divorced, his mother then moved to Rochester, NY. She later graduated from Monroe Community College and worked as a daycare provider, until she retired. Dan currently lives in the Northern Virginia area, where he works as an Instructional System Designer.


Dan joined the United States Navy in 1984 and retired after twenty years of active service. While on active duty, he visited many places up and down the east and west coasts of the USA, as well as countries that border the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Ocean to include countries within the Mediterranean Sea. During his enlistment years he earned his AA degree from the University of Phoenix, a BA degree from the University of Connecticut and a MA degree from Sacred Heart University.


Since retirement he has maintained employment as a contractor working at various government agencies in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, as a training specialist, developing and delivering training material.

Dan is a believer of Jesus Christ.  He attends a local church in the Northern Virginia area and supports his Church by exercising his spiritual gifts, by working in the culinary ministry and designing the Church’s website.


Dan’s love for the Bible and historical events motivated him to write a novel about slaves in American, from a viewpoint that is not in books or on the big screen. Dan captures his idea in his first book, Ethos, told by the character, Ben, the grandfather of the main character Joseph.


Dan enjoys traveling, walks in the parks and the live theater. Currently he is applying his life experience to developing impressive reading material for public enjoyment, and Ethos is just the first of many novels to come.