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Dan Dilbert

Dan Dilbert, originally from Savannah, GA, is the sixth child among twelve born to Arthur and Daisy Dilbert. Growing up in Savannah, he attended public schools and graduated from Windsor Forest High School in 1983. His father worked as a longshoreman, while his mother was a housewife until they separated. Following the divorce, his mother relocated to Rochester, NY, where she eventually completed her education at Monroe Community College and worked as a daycare provider until retirement. Currently, Dan resides in the Northern Virginia area and is employed as a Training Specialist.

In 1984, Dan enlisted in the United States Navy and served for twenty years before retiring from active duty. During his military career, he had the privilege of traveling to various locations along the east and west coasts of the USA, as well as countries neighboring the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, including those within the Mediterranean Sea. Alongside his service, he pursued higher education, earning an AA degree from the University of Phoenix, a BA degree from the University of Connecticut, and an MA degree from Sacred Heart University.

Following his retirement from the Navy, Dan embarked on a career as a contractor in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, primarily working with different government agencies. His specialization lies in training development and delivery, utilizing his expertise as a Training Specialist.

Dan is a devout believer in Jesus Christ, finding solace and strength in his unwavering faith. Residing in the Northern Virginia area, he actively engages in his local church, utilizing his spiritual gifts to uplift and support the community. Within the church, Dan selflessly dedicates his time and energy to a variety of tasks, extending a helping hand wherever it is needed. Moreover, he channels his creative abilities by designing the church's website, ensuring a warm and inviting online presence for those seeking guidance and connection.

Driven by his profound love for the Bible and a deep fascination with historical events, Dan embarks on a transformative literary journey. Fueled by a desire to shed light on perspectives often overlooked, he meticulously weaves together a compelling narrative in his debut novel, "Ethos." Through the voice of Ben, the grandfather of the protagonist Joseph, Dan skillfully unveils the untold stories of American slaves. In this work, he strives to illuminate forgotten truths, fostering a broader understanding of the struggles and triumphs that shaped the past.

Beyond his writing pursuits, Dan finds joy in exploration and experiences that nourish his spirit. He relishes the opportunity to travel, immersing himself in new places and cultures that broaden his horizons. Serene walks in parks beckon him, allowing him to find solace and inspiration amidst the natural beauty that surrounds him. Additionally, Dan has a deep appreciation for the enchantment of live theater, eagerly attending captivating performances that transport him to different realms of imagination.

Continuing to draw from his life experiences, Dan wholeheartedly dedicates himself to crafting captivating and meaningful reading material for the public's enjoyment. "Ethos" represents only the beginning of his literary endeavors, as he enthusiastically works on future novels that promise to captivate and enlighten readers. Through his writing, Dan endeavors to leave a lasting impact, inviting others to embrace fresh perspectives, uncover history's hidden narratives, and ultimately discover inspiration in the transformative power of storytelling.

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