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In the gripping tale of two lives, seemingly worlds apart, converge in a collision course bound by their unwavering determination and a shared desire to secure their family's future.

Meet Joseph Dillward, a young college student of color whose dreams extend far beyond his personal aspirations. Driven by the hope of earning a college degree and lifting his family from the shadows of adversity, Joseph is a beacon of ambition and resilience.

On the other side of this riveting narrative stands Phillip Goldwarter, an elderly white male firmly rooted in his traditional Southern values. For Phillip, preserving the legacy of his family name is not merely a wish, but an unshakable conviction. With a heart brimming with devotion, he is determined to ensure that his lineage endures into the future.

As fate would have it, Joseph and Phillip's paths collide head-on, setting the stage for a relentless clash of ideals, values, and ambitions. Each protagonist is resolute in their determination to do what they believe is right, and neither will yield without a fight.

In this novel the author weaves a gripping narrative that explores the complexities of race, heritage, and legacy. As Joseph and Phillip find themselves locked in a battle that can only conclude with one victor, readers are invited to bear witness to a profound clash of generations, as two individuals defy the odds in their pursuit of what they hold most dear. Will they find a common ground, or is their collision course destined to end in tragedy? Discover the riveting answer within the pages of this compelling and thought-provoking novel.


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