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Two years after the Inauguration of the forty-sixth President of the United States and 245 court filings, Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States discovered that the President had an uncurable disease and feared the VP becoming President.


They agreed that POTUS #45 had the election stolen from him and was entitled to another term. He was sworn into office as the forty-seventh POTUS. As POTUS 45/47 ends his second term, North Korea, Russia, China, and their allies are on the brink of attacking the United States. Two hours prior to the Inauguration of the first female President of the United States, North Korea launches a missile that lands on U.S. territory in the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the deaths of 25 Americans.


The outgoing President orders an airstrike on North Korea, knowing that Beijing, Moscow, and other countries strongly support the actions of the North Korean dictator. To make matters worse, the U.S. Military stationed in the vulnerable region lacks sufficient support to withstand an attack from North Korea, China, and Russia. North Korea claims they have thousands of warheads, ready to launch into South Korea, that will result in the deaths of millions of South Koreans if the U.S. attacks. Congress joins together to restrict the President's use of the military. China and Russia send more than 900 Navy ships and submarines to sink the 300-plus U.S. Navy ships and submarines and supply vessels en route to provide support to the military stationed in the region and possibly attack North Korea. Police officers within the United States threaten to strike, while Governors and Congress are pressuring the President to sign a bill into law preventing the strike and chaos in the streets.


The Director of the CIA is not to be trusted. The President's decisions are unorthodox, and the world thinks she is bluffing with every choice she makes. By her 21st day as President of the United States, she is loved by people around the world, feared by some, and regarded as the number-one enemy of Beijing, Moscow, and Congress.

She's Bluffing

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