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Abundant Truth Baptist Church located in Jacksonville, Florida meticulously searched the corners of the United States for the perfect pastor; one that will serve the Church and the community by feeding and leading the flock through sound Biblical preaching, teaching and counseling, as well as a preacher after the heart of the Lord Jesus. 

After a year beyond schedule and spending three times the allowable budget the church was forced to make a selection. Although 90% of the members voted for Pastor Jerome Samiah McCoy to be the Pastor of Abundant Truth Baptist Church, they are ready for him to leave and return where he came from, after his first day in Jacksonville, Florida. 

The leaders of Abundant Truth quickly noticed that their newly non-selected First Lady, Joanne Sharnary McCoy, who befriended the most unpopular citizens (homeless and gays) in Jacksonville, Florida has become a force to be reckoned with, the members love and fear her, and they all give her the highest reverence.


"This book was captivating! It took me to a warm place for others to see that there are so many different sides to being a part of a church family. Remember that things are not always what the