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The name Ahithophel means "brother of foolishness.” 


Ahithophel was a good friend and the privy counselor to Israel's greatest king. His wisdom stood in stark contrast to the meaning of his name. He was known for his advice so much so that every word he spoke seemed as though it had come directly from the mouth of God. Ahithophel had the gift of wisdom. 


After Ahithophel friend, Israel's greatest king, betrayed him by sleeping with his granddaughter-Bathsheba and planned the death of Bathsheba's husband Uriah, hatred of his friend burned inside of Ahithophel's heart. Thus, he plotted to kill the king. 


After 11 years of planning and destroying the king's family from the inside, Ahithophel joined forces with the king's beloved son- Absalom, to whom he gave the perfect advice to secure Absalom's position on the throne and to give himself the necessary resources to deliver the final strike that would kill the king.

The Plot to kill the King

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